Rednatic Network

RedNATIC Network is a growing, open body of 11 civil societies (from 8 countries of Latin America), constituted in 2008 with the technical and financial support of Save the Children Sweden. NATIC is organized around the mission of impacting on the generation of political, social and cultural conditions that guarantee children and adolescents’ rights to a safe, responsible and meaningful use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) at regional and global scale.

RedNATIC Network aims to establish itself as an autonomous, dynamic, inclusive and self-sustainable space; NATIC looks for a position as a focal point of reference at regional level, and recognition for its achievements in revindicating the rights that motivate its work at an international level.

Since 2012, the Protempore Coordination is in charge of: Asociación Civil, and since then the spokesperson is: MSc. Milena Grillo Rivera – Executive Director – Fundación Paniamor.


ICMECICMEC – International

The International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children is an organization that works since 1998, side-by-side with their global partners to give all children a chance to experience a safe and healthy childhood. Their mission is to identify gaps in the global community’s ability to protect children from abduction, sexual abuse and exploitation, and assemble the necessary people, resources and tools.



logo_papazRed Papaz – Colombia

PaPaz Network is a non-profit corporation that was created in February 2003 in Bogotá, by the request of a group of parents and educators. This network it’s organized by educational institutions and/or parent associations, it works with public institutions, to build protection in civil rights for children and adolescents. Each city is enhanced by the voluntary work of people determined to contribute to the formation of a society in which parents, public institutions and private companies, are aware of their role as builders of values ​of children and adolescents, and act accordingly.


logo_dniDNI – Costa Rica

Defensa de los Niños Internacional is a social organization nationally registered as a non-profit Association, recognized as Social Welfare and National Interest. DNI Costa Rica is recognized by the International Movement of Defense for Children as a national section with local, national, regional and international impact programs.




logo_panyamorFundación Paniamor – Costa Rica

PANIAMOR Foundation is a private organization in Costa Rica, with no profit and no political affiliation. It was established on September 9th, 1987. Its mission is to achieve compliance of minors’ rights through the development of social mobility programs, policies and institutional practices. The foundation tries to strengthen this compliance, by using their rights and responsibilities and its ability to contribute with national development and violence prevention. – Argentina

Coordination since 2012. promotes children and adolescents’ rights. This civil society gained a lot of experience because of its work since 1998, through projects that aim the dissemination of culture, education and empowerment of media for children and youth in Latin America. Currently, is developing several educational initiatives, including Internet and media technology as enablers of access to information and quality content, social inclusion and school; also the right to expression and participation, and a safe and responsible use of technology.


logo_pacaibiOng Paicabí – Chile

The Corporation of Promotion and Child Support Paicabí is a non-governmental and non-profit institution for development that has its origins in 1996. Its mission is the promotion, protection and defence of children under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.




logo_globalGlobal Infancia – Paraguay

Global Infancia is a specialized area of ​the Global Organization, a non-profit organization that was founded in July 1995 to promote civil society actions against children traffic. Global Infancia is conformed by skilled specialists, committed to Rights of the Children. With the support of the civil society and the State, they are able to strengthen the role of citizens and influence legislation and public policy. This organization’s work is based on the belief that children and adolescents contribute to building a fair and democratic society when they live in the full exercise of their rights.


logo_gurisesGurises Unidos – Uruguay

Gurises Unidos is a Civil Society Organization working for the defence of children and adolescents’ rights. Since its creation, this organization prioritized the attention of those kids in a situation of social vulnerability, especially to those who are on the streets. Gurises Unidos acts according to the United Nations’ Convention on Rights of the Children.



logo_crecerCrecer en Red – Perú
Crecer en Red is a civil association created to promote safe, responsible and productive use of information and communications technology (ICT). Its work focuses on promoting opportunities and reducing risks that entails the use of digital media for children and teens. To this end, they work closely with the State, enterprises and other civil society organizations, in order to effectively reach children, parents and teachers.



logo_ipruIPRU – Uruguay
IPRU is a civil society organization of public interest and multipurpose that seeks to promote the dignity, rights and integral human development of individual and collective subjects. Prioritizes people in situations of social vulnerability, generating processes and social integration opportunities for the exercise of citizens’ rights and responsibilities, as for the resolution of needs.



logo_asiAlianza por la Seguridad en Internet – México

The Alliance for Internet Safety aims to provide social guidance to Mexican children and adolescents for preventing pornography and sexual exploitation of children. ASI also tries to keep them away from potential hazards by using media and information technologies, such as Internet and cell phones. ASI works through educational sessions, distributing printed material in schools, and through publications online, supporting children and adolescents’ right to not to be hurt physically or emotionally, and to be protected from abuse and exploitation. The Alliance provides guidance for a safe and responsible use of Internet and other technologies.


logo_savechildrenSave the Children – México

Save the Children is the largest social organization in the world, working on behalf of children since 1919, has representation in over 120 countries. Save the Children Mexico is an active member of the institutional alliance since 1973 and its mission is seeking for improvements in how the world treats children, and, achieving immediate and lasting change in their lives. Among his major accomplishments, stands out the promotion, development and implementation of their programs in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.


logo_aldeasAldeas SOS – Regional

Aldeas Infantiles SOS is a nonprofit organization that develops its work in the world for more than 66 years. Emerged in Austria, in a context of postwar and drastic social, economic and political changes, it was a pioneer in addressing the problems of childhood and designing care strategies through the model of foster care for alternative care for those children who had lost family care.

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